BIOklar move 15

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BIOklar move 15
pond filter


BlOklar MOVE is a version of the well-known and tested in thousands of ponds filter BlOklar, but followed in the third chamber technology of the floating bed "moving bed" instead contribution Aquarock. This is an increasingly popular method of filtering based on the filter medium which is Kaldnes .
They are small plastic shapes with specific gravity similar to water , floating freely in the water depth and with a very large biologically active surface Water in the filter chamber is constantly put into motion with the air fed from below so that the whole mass of Kaldnes was in motion and dead zones were not formed In oxygen saturated water, on Kaldnes fittings biologically active membrane works much more intensively than on other static filtration media.

Thanks to the existence of a zone of "young" membrane outside the fittings, permanently cut and "old" from the inside, the nitrification process runs more fully and without danger of anaerobic zones. For the filter, simply connect the supplied air pump and pour Kaldnes into the third chamber. The Kaldnes filter media does not require cleaning , however, you can remove dirt from the settler under the third filtration chamber, as in the case of the first two chambers.

It is made of polyester-glass laminate, thanks to which it is characterized by a very durable construction.
The filter provides a suitable biologically active surface, which is crucial in maintaining clean, clear water, and maintaining a proper biological balance in the pond, even with a large fish stocking.

A decanter was used in each chamber to easily remove impurities from the filter and to clean the filtration chambers.
To make cleaning the filter easier and to control the flow of water through the filter material, the filter is divided into three chambers connected in series.


The filter can be seen on the video: 

Detailed description and instructions for use we can send You by e-mail


Technical data:
Input: ø 25/32 / 40mm, output: ø 75 mm 
Recommended pump capacity: approx. 4,000 L / h 
Dimensions: 120x65x65 (H) cm 
The filter is designed for joints with a capacity of max. 15,000 liters

Color: anthracite or black

Bioklar filter table

Filter materials: 

I Chamber - filter brushes 

The pump from the pool pushes water into the first module, where it is directed to the bottom of the module. Here the stream of water slows down and the coarsest impurities precipitate.
The lower part of each chamber acts as a settler, from which the sediment can be easily removed by opening the valve located in the lowest part of the module.
Then, the water goes smoothly to the upper part of the tank, where there are special filter brushes, similar to those for washing bottles.
They work mainly mechanically, catching thicker suspensions.

II Chamber - filtration cloth or Japanese mat * 

Next, through the overflow, the water enters the second and then third module, always getting first to the settler in the lower part, and then passing through the filter material resting on the special grate.
The second module is filled with either a rather thick filtering fleece or a so-called Japanese mat (a type of thick sponge)
- it mechanically captures finer particles of the suspension, but also to a large extent due to the large active surface, there is a biological decomposition of pollutants.

III Chamber - Kaldnes .

The third module mainly serves the role of biological filtration. It is filled with floating plastic shapes that are an ideal habitat for nitrifying bacteria.

Filter cleaning is maximally simplified. Coarse cleaning is performed more frequently (every week) and involves removing impurities from settling tanks. One should open for a moment each of the 3 valves under each of the 3 modules, because there they sediment the thickest pollutants. A more thorough cleaning is performed by opening the valve in each of the settlers for a longer time, and when the water escapes from the module, move the brushes and the filter mat, causing the descent together with the water that escapes.
Wait until all the water leaves the individual chambers.


BIOklar filters are also available in a gravitational version , in which water from the pond flows into the filter under the influence of gravity and after filtration through all materials is pumped out of the last chamber.

  • All filters can work in both pump and gravity versions.
  • Models 8, 15 and 200 are available as standard in the pump version, inlet in the upper part of the first chamber. It is possible to make a gravity version on order - then the inlet at the bottom of the filter.
  • Models 30, 60, 120 and 140 are available as standard in both pump and gravity versions. Both versions have an inlet at the bottom of the filter, straight to the first sediment chamber.
  • When ordering a filter, please specify whether it is a pump or gravity version.
  • The cost of transport (shipping on a pallet) is added to the price of Bioklara

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