Dog Mats 45x60cm, 30 pcs.

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  • Art.No.: DM01
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Dog mats - 60 x 45 cm


High absorbent training mats are ideally suited as a tool for learning cleanliness for puppies, for older and sick animals, as a liner for transporters.

The foundations are extremely useful  at home , as well as  on the road to  ensure hygiene and comfort. You can lay them on the floor or cover the transporter.
An additional advantage of the underlays is their resistance to tearing .


Dimensions:  60 x 45 cm
Packing:  30 items

Dog Mats size  30 items 10 pcs.
60 x 45 cm DM01 DM02
60 x 60 cm DM03 DM04
90 x 60 cm DM05 DM06

How to teach a dog's cleanliness?

Place the dog on the Dog Mats mat in order to settle his needs.
Then reward it. The systematic repetition of this ritual is crucial to the dog's awareness.
After the phase of serving the dog to get used to, move the insert day after day towards the exit door, and finally beyond. 



The advantages of Dog Mats mats:

  • Perfect for  puppy hygiene  training
  • Suitable for older and sick animals
  • With water-absorbing and unpleasant odors : it helps maintain cleanliness and freshness in the toilet
  • fast drying surface : after 60 seconds it is dry and clean
  • Puppy Trainer is a guarantee of the best protection: spread the cuvettes between the bottom and edge of the litter, ready!
  • Suitable for transporters
  • Available in three most popular sizes

They consist of three layers:


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