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Catalogue index: S-F070LE / Art. No.: F070

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  • Art.No.: F070
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- 250l / h for aquarium 20-60 liters


Provides mechanical, biological and chemical  filtration  at a high level, helping to keep clean water in the aquarium. It has a sponge filter cartridge, which is easy to clean - a filter sponge is enough to rinse in aquarium water or lukewarm tap water to preserve the bacterial flora.

The big advantage of the filter is that it is equipped with a sprinkler that makes the aquarium look more attractive, prevents the formation of a bacterial coat and highly oxygenated water.
On the other hand, activated carbon keeps the water clean and eliminates unpleasant odors. 

The modular construction of the filter enables easy exchange of the sponge, which is standard, on other, optionally selected filtration media, eg ceramics, or biobals.

In addition, the filter has a number of other advantages: 

  • easy to use  and easy to maintain
  • resistant to clogging  with mechanical impurities
  • it is extremely  quiet
  • it occupies the minimum space  in the aquarium
  • easy to assemble  and use - just attach it to the inner wall of the aquarium using  suction cups .
  • has the ability to adjust the direction of the water outlet in the range of over 180 degrees


Technical data:

Power: 3 W
Flow: 250 l / h
Filter size:  13 x 4 x 3 cm
Intended for aquarium with a capacity of 20-60l
It has a 24 - month warranty


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