Catalogue index: S-LA60HA / Art. No.: LA60

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  • Art.No.: LA60
  • EAN code: 5907708637444


LED AQUARIUM 60 - aquarium set


The set includes:

  •  Aquarium with a capacity of 60L and dimensions 60 x 30 x 35 cm

  • AquaLED 14W lamp  - specially designed to illuminate freshwater decorative and vegetable aquariums. Thanks to the use of properly selected, efficient LED diodes, the lamp is an economical light source providing up  to 60% savings  compared to fluorescent lamps. A solid and at the same time thin aluminum housing with plastic elements is elegant and modern.

    Full description of the lamp - LINK

  • AquaT heater with 75W power - waterproof, designed for freshwater and marine aquarium with a capacity between 40 and 80 liters. It has a clear temperature indicator, a built-in diode indicating the on / off mode, suction cups for easy assembly, temperature control knob.

    Full heater description - LINK

  • Internal filter Orca 350 with 4W - designed for aquariums with a capacity between 60 and 120 liters. It provides biological and chemical  mechanical filtration  at a  high level,  helping to keep clean water in the aquarium. It is easy to use and easy to maintain, resistant to clogging with mechanical impurities, it is extremely quiet, occupies minimum space in the aquarium, easy to assemble.

    Full description of the filter - LINK

  • Thermometer with suction cup and green field indicating the right temperature for most fish and aquarium plants.

    Full description - LINK

  • Fishing net - 13 cm

    Full description -  LINK



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