Silkitty - Silica Gel Litter - box 8 pcs.

Catalogue index: Z-Q112KS / Art. No.: Q112

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  • Art.No.: Q112
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Silvery Silkitty litter, 8 x 1.6 Kg

Effectively absorbs moisture and unpleasant odors. It is environmentally friendly - it is biodegradable.

Pour into a 5 cm thick cuvette.
Remove solid impurities with a blade. The fluids are absorbed, the water evaporates and the unpleasant odors are neutralized.

Additional information:
To get a cat accustomed to using gravel, first mix it with the previous substrate.
The product is made of SiO2 silica - a mineral found in the natural environment.


carton of 8 bags (3.7 L - 1.6 kg each)


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