Terra Line - heating cable 25W, 4.5m

Catalogue index: T-G325JW / Art. No.: G325

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  • Art.No.: G325
  • EAN code: 5907708622631
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Silicone heating cable, 4.5 m

Electric heating cable for heating the ground in terrariums, vivariums and aquariums.  It guarantees optimal thermal conditions for reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.
Hidden under the substrate layer is invisible and safe for animals. The cable is waterproof and never warms up to a temperature that could burn the animal . Made of high quality silicone, it does not crack and does not stiffen.

The heating cable should not cross and touch each other - risk of burnout


Data: waterproof, power 25 W, length 4.5 m

Terra Line G315
15th Century
3,0 m
Terra Line G325
25 W
4,5 m
Terra Line G350
50 W
7,0 m
Terra Line G380
80 W
9,0 m

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