Terra Mat - heat mat 7W, 15x28cm

Catalogue index: Z-G307JW / Art. No.: G307

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  • Art.No.: G307
  • EAN code: 5907708622594
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Heating mat 7W, 15x28 cm

Heating mat is a great way to ensure optimal conditions in the terrarium by heating the ground.  The mat produces a constant dose of long-wave infrared radiation similar to heat from natural sunlight that is not visible to the human eye. Supports thermoregulation important for the metabolism, digestion, appetite and activity of reptiles. Provides a safe and even distribution of heat on its entire surface.



Terra Mat G305
5 W
14 x 15 cm
Terra Mat G307
7th Century
15 x 28 cm
Terra Mat G320
20 W
42 x 28 cm
Terra Mat G335
35 W
65 x 28 cm




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