Terra Metal Halogen 70W

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3in1 70W metahalogen daylight
for terrarium 

A metahalogen light bulb is the best source of light available for terrariums. It best reflects natural sunlight. It is the only one that provides comprehensive terrarium lighting in the areas of: daylight, heat emission and UVA and UVB radiation. It provides the full spectrum of rays necessary for the life of teraristic animals.  High energy UVB radiation plays a key role in the breeding of terrarium animals. It provides them with healthy and proper development, stimulates activity, improves appetite and digestion. 

The metahalogen light bulb, compared to traditional incandescent lamps, gives more heat, with lower power consumption and longer life of the filament. In addition, its luminaire allows you to direct the light into one selected place, which allows you to create heat islands inside the terarium. The bulb can also be combined with night lighting for optimal lighting and reproducing the natural day cycle.


  • daylight terrarium lighting
  • 3in1 source of heat, light and UVB radiation to keep the animals in good condition
  • the ability to direct a focused light beam at a selected point 
  • longer life of the filament
  • it requires the use of a ballast


Temperature depending on the distance:
20 cm -> 45 ° C
30 cm - 45 ° C
45 cm - 40 ° C

60 cm - 36  ° C
90 cm - 29  ° C


power:  70W
type:  metahalogen
thread: E27
voltage:  220-240 V

diameter: 9 cm

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