Beef kabanos 12g

Catalogue index: Z-GP20HC / Art. No.: GP20

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    • GP20 Beef stick 12g
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    • GP20
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    • 5907708643568
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Beef kabanos

Dog treats come in many forms. One of them is tasty kabanos sausages that come in various flavours. Lamb, chicken, or beef? Pamper your pet with a variety of flavours. Thanks to the offered variety, it will be easier to choose a treat for a dog suffering from adverse reactions to other animal protein sources. 

Kabanos sausages for dogs are exceptionally aromatic rewards that take the shape of a thin sausage or a stick. You can easily divide them into smaller pieces, so they are good to chew at home, during training, on walks and while having fun. Their aroma and great taste will be an additional motivation for your pet. 

The possibility of dividing the kabanos sausage into smaller pieces makes it a universal treat for dogs of various sizes and ages. Match the fragments served to your pet to the size and preferences of your pupil. Kabanos sausages are a complementary food. They make a great addition to your dog's diet but remember that treats should make up only 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake. Constant access to fresh and clean water is also important for your pet's health. . 


Remember that treats cannot replace basic food! They should be a pleasant variety, not the basis of a diet. 

Ingredients:80% beef and beef products, 6% glycerine, 4% plant protein, 5% starch, 5% sorbitol

Analysis: protein 28%, fats 8%, fibre 1%, ash 5%, moisture 25%

Dimension: 18cm

Weight: 12g

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