Snuffle mat white&grey M 40cm

Catalogue index: Z-MW01YT / Art. No.: MW01

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    • Sniffing mat WHITE&GRAY M 40cm
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    • MW01
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    • 5907708645098
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Snuffle mat white&grey


What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase ‘pet toy’? A ball, a bone or perhaps a mouse fishing rod? Classic toys seem irreplaceable, but they require your constant involvement. Our snuffle mat will provide your dog and cat with healthy entertainment, while you will be able to find some time for yourself. Take a moment to hide treats in the mat and your pet will spend a long time with this interesting and developing pastime.

Recommended by behaviourists, it makes it easier to cope with your pet’s fast eating and hyperactivity problems, helps relax and teaches how to focus. It stimulates the sense of smell, as well as your pet’s brain.

Our snuffle mats are made of high-quality fleece stitched by hand with durability and practicality of the toy in mind. The base is made from durable plastic that wraps the fleece tightly, ensuring that no holes appear through which a treat could fall out and spoil the fun. The broad range of colours will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. The machine-washable mat is convenient and easy to use.

The snuffle mat is a great way to keep your pet entertained, combining fun with development and learning.

Colours: white&grey

Dimensions: 40x40 cm

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