Ceramic bowls on wooden stand 15cm Black

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Ceramic bowls on a wooden stand 15cm black

Bowls for food or water are an important part of a dog's and cat's accessories. The poorly chosen ones may discourage the animal from taking meals. Ceramic bowls are stable and do not slide on the floor while eating. The ceramic is non-toxic and safe for pets. In addition, ceramic bowls have no odor of their own and do not affect the taste or smell of food or water. They are suitable for both dry and wet food and water. Scratch resistance and ease of cleaning are also major advantages. Ceramic bowls are easy to keep clean, ensuring hygienic meals.

Ceramic bowls are safe for pets and will not scratch. They do not change the taste or smell of food and water. They are suitable for both dry and wet food. Water can be poured into them. Their great advantage is that they are easy to clean and the bowls can be put in the dishwasher. This is important because your dog's bowls should be washed after every meal. The product is stable and durable. It does not move while eating a meal.

Ceramic bowls on a wooden stand are a practical and aesthetic solution. The elegant black color combined with wood blends well with interiors of different character.

The most important advantages of ceramic bowls on a wooden stand:

  • easy to clean
  • dishwasher safe
  • stability
  • elegant design
  • scratch-resistant
  • durability

This is a great alternative to plastic or metal bowls!

Dimensions of ceramic bowls on a wooden stand:

  • capacity 800 ml
  • height 8.5 mm
  • diameter 15 cm
Bowls should be well matched to the age and size of the animal. Eating should proceed peacefully, and the dog should not have any problems with the bowl shifting or with the edges being too high. The 800-ml, 15-centimeter diameter bowls can work well for medium-sized dog breeds such as beagles, cocker spaniels, border collie or basset hounds.

Food bowls should be washed after each meal, and water bowls should be washed at least once a day. With ceramic products, however, it's quick and easy!


Bowl diameter: 15 cm
Capacity: 0,81l
Color: black
Material: ceramic

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