Chicken & rice drumstick - Happet GM90 - 500g

Catalogue index: Z-GM90PI / Art. No.: GM90

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  • English name:
    • GM90 Chicken & rice drumstick
  • Art.No.:
    • GM90
  • EAN code:
    • 5907708636058
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  • Net weight [kg]:
    • 0.545
  • Quantity in a box:
    • 20


Chicken & rice drumstick

for a dog


A tasty snack for medium and large dog breeds. White, pressed cowhide bone wrapped with chicken's breast meat with rice.It is a delicious snack - a healthy source of protein and a great chew-toy that provides your dog a long time fun, while at the same time is taking care of your pupil's teeth and satisfies the animal's chewing and biting needs.


Good to know:

  • it is a dog's delicacy, therefore it can be used as a prize
  • satisfies the chewing and biting needs
  • makes your pupil busy for a longer while
  • naturally cares for the clean teeth of our pets
  • prevents from the tartar build-up
  • massages the gums
  • stands out with its high protein content and low fat content,
  • perfect for every dog even for pets with diet and weight issues
  • rubs out bacterial raids that cause bad breath and periodontal disease
  • chewing relieves dog's tensions and all kind of stress symptoms 
  • should be given between meals



Delicacies cannot replace basic food. 
Although they provide some nutrients, they are only a pleasant diversion of the pet's daily diet.
Do not give to puppies nor kittens below 3rd month.

Weight: 500g
Ingredients: 50% chicken breast meat, 30% limestone, 8% rice, 7% glycerin, 3.5% corn starch, 4% sorbitol, 0.5% mineral
Composition analysis: raw protein min 30%, oils and fats max 2.5%, raw fiber min 10%, crude ash max 1%, humidity max 25%

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