Duck & rice bone 4 cm Happet (Z-GM93HC)

Catalogue index: Z-GM93HC / Art. No.: GM93

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  • English name:
    • GM93 Duck & rice bone 4 cm
  • Art.No.:
    • GM93
  • EAN code:
    • 5907708639899
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  • Net weight [kg]:
    • 0.5
  • Quantity in a box:
    • 20


Cube-shaped soft dog treats

Duck with rice

Delicious, aromatic treats designed for small and medium-sized dogs. With a high 70% duck meat content, they have a natural flavour and aroma that your dog will quickly fall in love with!

The soft cubes can be used in many ways. By dividing them into smaller pieces you can easily adapt their size to your needs, so that both Chihuahua and border collie can enjoy this treat. Thanks to their distinctive smell, we recommend using them in olfactory mats and toys from which the dog must extract the reward himself.

  • simple composition - you always know what you are giving your pet
  • provides plenty of energy thanks to its high protein content
  • tempting taste and aroma to convince even the most fussy of dogs
  • great for dogs with weight problems - low fat content

The unique structure of the cubes attracts the pet's attention and is perfect as a reward during training. According to experts, dogs learn much faster and more eagerly when they associate commands with positive associations. By rewarding your pet with a snack it loves, you can easily teach it new commands.  

We have made sure that our treats are rich in protein and contain as little fat as possible. So they are an ideal choice for owners of obese dogs and those on a diet. They are a pleasant change and do not interfere with weight loss. 

The resealable packaging will keep the treats fresh, soft and fragrant for a long time. It will also help you keep your home tidy and protect the treats from four-legged gourmands. 

Remember that dog treats cannot replace staple food - they should only be a pleasant variety to your daily diet. 


Ingredients: 70% duck meat, 25% rice, 2% starch, 1.5% natural flavouring, 1.5% glycerine

Composition: Crude protein (min. 35%), crude oils and fats (max. 2%), crude fibre (max. 1%), crude ash (max. 5%), moisture (max. 18%)

Size of treat: 4 cm

Weight: 500 g


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