TRAINERS Chicken meatballs - dog treats 200g

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    • TRAINERS Chicken meatballs - dog treats 200g
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    • TR33
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Chicken meatballs - dog treats

Dog treats are not only extra calories added to the dog's menu. They do not also just provide variety to a pet's diet. They are a way to express your love, establish a bond with your dog and introduce positive reinforcement training based on rewarding the your dog's positive behaviour. Give them at home, during walks, training, or while accustoming the dog to veterinary visits - whenever you want to build positive associations for your dog.
Dog treats should be attractive to the dog and convenient for the caregiver. Chicken meatballs are both. They have an interesting and convenient shape, and in their ingredients list, you will find mainly animal ingredients that provide your dog with valuable protein. Chicken is tender and tasty, which is why many dogs like it a lot.

Meat and animal products such as offal (e.g. liver, hearts) are an important component of a dog's diet. Offal is valuable in vitamins and minerals. Meat, on the other hand, provides the aforementioned protein. Pets need essential amino acids to build proteins, but their diet must also contain essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The latter come mainly from meat and offal, and the former should be provided, for example, in the form of fish oil (salmon or krill).
Dogs of all ages and sizes need to be rewarded. Treats in the form of chicken meatballs are suitable for both puppies and adult dogs of all breeds. They taste equally good to a German Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier, or a lovely mixed breed. They are perfect for athletic dogs and lazy couch potatoes who prefer quiet walks in a nearby park. Chicken meatballs are a treat for every dog!

What is important to know about dog nutrition? Treats are treats. Chicken meatballs for dogs are complementary food. They are a form of supplement in the dog's daily menu but not the base of it. The treats should not exceed 10% of daily calorie intake. Ensure your dog has access to fresh and clean water at all times. This way, you will provide him with a balanced diet, adequate hydration and the satisfaction of getting a treat.
Chicken meatballs combine taste with great quality. The result is cheerful tail wagging and commands performed with even greater enthusiasm.

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