TRAINERS Venison hearts - dog treats 200g

Catalogue index: Z-TR32CM / Art. No.: TR32

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    • TRAINERS Venison hearts - dog treats 200g
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    • TR32
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    • 5907708645135
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Venison hearts - dog treats

Venison hearts for dogs are a tasty treat with a lovely shape that is perfect as a daily reward for your dog. Give them at home, while playing in the garden, or during puppy kindergarten classes – wherever you need. They are easy to give and attractive to the dog. They are an important part of learning and bonding with the owner. Perfect for both puppies and adult dogs.

Venison hearts for dogs will provide your dog with ingredients of animal and plant origin as an addition to his daily diet. The ingredients also include fats and oils that have a positive effect, among others, on the palatability of the treats. The venison included in the recipe is healthy and well tolerated by pets with a sensitive digestive tract.
Venison hearts for dogs are complementary food. Dog treats should not exceed 10% of daily calorie intake. Make also sure your dog has access to fresh water at all times.

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