Whiskers-friendly bowl for cats

Catalogue index: Z-M224RA / Art. No.: M224

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    • M224 Whiskers friendly cat bowl 15cm
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    • M224
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    • 5907708645463
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 Whiskers-friendly bowl for cats 15cm

Cats use whiskers, or vibrissae, to perceive various stimuli in their surroundings. For them, it is an additional organ to sense touch. Thanks to its incredible sensitivity, it can detect even very small air vibrations and changes in the surrounding world. Would people, if they had whiskers, want to put them in cold water several times a day? The answer to this question is simple: not really.

To help with that, we started offering a bowl, which, thanks to its specific construction, allows cats to have a more pleasant drinking and eating experience. It is appropriately deeper in the middle and wider on the sides, which prevents the whiskers from rubbing against the walls of the bowl. When eating wet food, the whiskers will not get dirty, and they will remain dry when drinking water. This helps to improve the quality of life of our cat friends significantly.

The product is made of stainless steel, is easy to clean and resistant to damage. It has a rubber bottom that ensures stability during use.

 Diameter: 15 cm

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