About us


Happet has developed in the last years into an international company in the pet industry.

The company distributes a wide range of accessories sold in pet shops, including aquariums, dog and cat products, as well as products for rodents, reptiles and birds. Happet has seen a rapid growth in recent years, as well as expansion of its product range, increased brand awareness and an expansion into other European markets. All of this has been achieved thanks to the dedicated efforts of the entire staff, who want to answer all their customers’ needs.

New trends

By keeping an eye on the industry, Happet can provide customers with the products they need for pet owners. It is essential to identify new trends in time, and active cooperation with suppliers, market monitoring and reading customers’ signals is and always be a priority for the company. It wants to ensure its product range answers to its customers’ needs.

Pond products

A special product category are pond products. This is a comprehensive range of products sold under the Happet Pond brand, ranging from foods to any type of accessories for small ponds, to large BIOklar multi-filters. These filters have been specially designed for large ponds, and are particularly suitable for the truly discerning Koi breeder. The BIOklar multi-filters have been popular for years, have a proven design and constantly improved, which is appreciated by thousands of users, not only in Europe.


It is a fact that packaging and product design are of great importance to an industry such as the pet industry. Happet takes product packaging very seriously, as it realizes that providing interesting and appealing products can make a real difference. The importance of packaging design cannot be overstated, as it distinguishes Happet product on the shelf.


Fast delivery is a key factor for pet shops and distributors. The high-tech and efficient automated logistics system keeps errors to a minimum and guarantees rapid and correct shipping. Markets are becoming more and more competitive and thus the supply of innovative, high quality products at affordable price is extremely important. Company websites are an important tool in communication with its customers, especially when it comes to new arrivals. The ability to place orders online also fills a need of a growing number of customers who prefer to communicate online.

Future strategies

In order to be and remain a reliable and competent partner for industry partners, both today and tomorrow, Happet is working on a daily basis to develop new strategies. Its passion, its experience with pets and their needs, its mix of good ideas, quick decisions and vision for the next few years all give the company's partners a good basis for cooperation. The company is focused on the long-term, which is of paramount importance to companies choosing to distribute the Happet brand.