Silicone mat gray 42x30cm M

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    • Silicone mat gray 42x30cm M
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    • MS01
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    • 5907708648471
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Feeding mats


Silicone feeding mats for your pet's bowls are a "must have" when you want to minimize the mess in your home. Your pet may scatter food and splash water around the bowls. Placing a mat made of durable and easy-to-clean silicone under them solves the problem. Rinse it with water, dry it and put it back in its place. It is a lot easier than cleaning the carpet, right? Anti-slip mats stay in place during every meal. Your pet will no longer wander around the entire corridor with its bowl.

Feeding mats are:

  • Light and at the same time very durable.
  • Easy to clean. All you need is warm water and a sponge or brush.
  • Waterproof.
  • They protect the floor in your home. The mats are non-slip, and food and water do not get onto the panels or carpet.
  • Made of safe for dogs material.
The mat can be placed under any type of bowl, as well as, for example, under an automatic food dispenser.

Mats are available in two sizes:

  • M – 42 x 30 cm
  • L – 56 x 35 cm


Choose the size of the mat so it can fit both a water bowl and a food bowl. There should be some free space around the bowls.
Available colors: gray.

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