Silicone flying disc

Catalogue index: Z-Z903YG / Art. No.: Z903

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    • Silicone flying disc yellow 17cm
  • Art.No.:
    • Z903
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    • 5907708648501
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    • 0.076
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Flying disc


A silicone flying disc for dogs is a great toy that will keep both you and your dog active! You can use it in the garden, in the park, by the lake or on the beach. Wherever you want and whenever you want to have some fun. The disc is light, so it can be used by adults and children.

Spending time with your dog is very important for your relationship, and playing allows the dog to use up its energy and fulfill its natural behavioral needs. Catching a disc is a game imitating hunting and chasing prey. Remember to reward your pet if it plays nice!

What are the benefits of a silicone flying disc?

  • Light, easy to throw and easy for the dog to retrieve.
  • For all dog breeds.
  • It is safe for dogs' teeth.
  • Silicone is easy to clean.
  • Made of safe and durable material.
  • Takes up little space. You can put it in your backpack or purse.

Details on the silicone flying disc for dogs:

  • Disc diameter: 17 cm
  • Disc color: yellow
  • Material: silicone

Important: Toys should be used under supervision. If the toy is damaged, do not give it to your dog. The dog may swallow small pieces.

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