Collapsable bowl blue 0,35l

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    • Collapsable bowl blue 0,35l
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    • M235
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    • 5907708648433
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collapsible bowls


Whether you are going with your dog on a long trip to the mountains, a hike in the forest, a short training session in the park, or you take him somewhere by car, you must allow him to replenish fluids and sometimes also eat a small meal. However, an ordinary bowl does not fit in a purse and can be heavy and bulky. Collapsible dog bowls made for travelling come to the rescue.

Benefits of collapsible dog bowls:

  • They are very light. You will not feel them in your backpack or purse.
  • They take up little space. They will fit next to a water bottle, map and other necessary accessories.
  • They are convenient to use. Just unfold and fold them. It is just one quick move.
  • They are made of materials that are safe for dogs.
  • Includes a convenient clip hook that allows you to attach the bowl to a leash or backpack.

The bowls have a capacity of 350 ml and are available in two colors: gray and blue.

Does your dog eat very fast? No problem! Choose a collapsible slowing bowl (available in blue). Using this solution reduces the risk of choking and vomiting (during and immediately after eating). Slowing bowls can be useful for overweight and obese dogs and those with digestive disorders.

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