Bamboo slow feeding bowl beige 21cm

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Bamboo Slow Feeder Bowl

Does your dog gulp its food in just a few seconds? Try the bamboo slow feeder bowl for dogs! The special ridges make it difficult to eat the food quickly. As a result, the dog eats longer and does not swallow large portions all at once. This helps reduce digestive problems (e.g., flatulence) and the risk of choking. A slow feeder bowl can also help with overeating.

The bamboo slow feeder bowl is convenient to use and comfortable for the dog. The bottom of the bowl is covered with an anti-slip material that prevents the bowl from moving, and the bowl does not make unpleasant sounds like a metal bowl would.

The bamboo dog food bowl is light, durable, and made of a material that is safe for animals. Bamboo is also a better choice for the planet. The bowl is minimalist, and the natural beige color is neutral. It fits into any interior. Watching the dog eat the food will be pleasant for both your heart and your eyes.

The most important benefits of the bamboo slow feeder bowl are:

  • the feeding time is longer
  • easy to keep clean
  • dishwasher safe
  • natural material
  • durability
  • low weight
  • anti-slip bottom
  • simple design that suits any interior
Remember to choose the right size of the slow feeder bowl for your dog. The product should be suitable for the size of the dog and the expected volume of food. A bowl with a diameter of 21 cm can be used for small or medium breeds.


Bowl diameter: 21 cm
Capacity: 1,4l
Color: beige
Material: bamboo fiber

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