Ceramic raised bowl 13.5cm white

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Ceramic cat bowl 13cm white

The right cat bowl is an important consideration! The ceramic raised bowl is stable and aesthetically designed. The white color and small symbols of cat's paws make it simple yet striking. The bowl is suitable for serving different types of food and water. Raising the bowl reduces the risk of food spills and water spills.

Ceramic products do not affect the taste or smell of food. This can prove to be very important in the case of cats who are picky or do not like new flavors. They are easy to clean and durable. This is important if you give your cat several meals a day and wash the bowls each time.

Ceramic products are an alternative to plastic bowls, which are not very aesthetically pleasing and are subject to scratches, as well as rather light and easily shifting metal products, which can make unpleasant sounds for cats.

Advantages of ceramic bowls for cats:

  • scratch-resistant
  • easy to clean
  • dishwasher safe
  • have a nice look
  • stability - they do not slide on the floor while eating
  • they do not change the taste of food or water
  • you can feed different types of food in them

Dimensions of raised ceramic bowl:

  • diameter 13.5 cm
  • height 9 cm
  • capacity 350 ml
Each cat may prefer a different type of bowls. If you have the option, buy several bowls of different heights and see which one suits your pet best.

Remember that cats don't like to have food or water near the litter box. If you have the opportunity, put the water bowl in a different place from the food bowls.


Bowl diameter: 13,5 cm
Capacity: 0,35l
Color: white
Material: ceramic

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