Adjustable Rope Leash S red 3m/0,8 cm

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Adjustable Rope Leash

There are several mandatory accessories for dogs. One of them is a leash! An adjustable leash allows you to control its length, depending on your needs. The leash can be up to 3 meters long, allowing you to give your dog freedom while still maintaining control over your pet. Choose it if you value convenience, your dog's comfort, and beautiful items in your environment.

Benefits of the adjustable leash include:

  • Control over the dog. The leash can be short when you need your dog to walk and stay close to you, e.g., in public transport.
  • Freedom for the dog. The leash can be extended so that the dog can freely explore the terrain and sniff around in various places. In this way, you meet its natural needs.
  • Beautiful design. The product is available in several striking colors.
  • Convenience. The adjustable leash works great for everyday use in the city or during walks in the park. It is lightweight and easy to use. Importantly, the leash also allows for temporary suspension over the shoulder and leading the pet without holding it in your hand.
  • Durability. The leash will serve you for many seasons.

Did you know that an adjustable leash can be used to lead two dogs? It only works at a short distance, but it can be useful!

Length: 3 m

Width: 0.8 cm

Color: Red

Material: Nylon

Four colors are available:

  • black,
  • red,
  • lime green,
  • blue.

Available widths:

  • 0.6 cm - XS
  • 0.8 cm - S
  • 1 cm - M
  • 1.2 cm - L

Recommendations: If you want to ensure a longer lifespan for the leash, only wash it by hand and at low temperatures (if necessary).

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