Tape Harness L Red

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Tape Harness

Did you know that a collar might not be the best solution for your dog? On city walks, mountain hikes, or forest excursions, dog harnesses may prove to be much better. Why? Harnesses have many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • They reduce the risk of neck and spine injuries. By using a harness, pressure is not exerted solely on the dog's neck. Harnesses distribute the load across a larger surface area of the dog's body. This is especially important for smaller dogs or breeds with delicate throats.
  • They limit the possibility of the dog escaping. Harnesses are designed to fit snugly to a dog's body, making it harder for them to slip out and escape.
  • They allow for better control over the pet. Harnesses can be useful for larger, more energetic dogs, and those that get overly excited about their surroundings.
  • They are comfortable for the dog. Harnesses are designed to allow dogs freedom of movement. They are lightweight and comfortable.
  • They are available in beautiful colors that will make your pet stand out.

For which dogs are harnesses a good choice? Consider them for:

  • Dogs prone to escaping from collars,
  • Animals that pull on the leash,
  • Energetic dogs,
  • Pets with breathing problems (trachea) or delicate throats,
  • Individuals of small and large breeds.

Strap width: 2 cm

Adjustment on the neck: 40-68 cm

Adjustment on the chest: 57-91 cm

Adjustment under the chest bridge: 15-23 cm

Color: Red

Material: Nylon

The harnesses are available in many sizes, making them suitable for miniature and small breeds as well as medium and large ones.

Our products are available in sizes:

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

You can choose from beautiful colors:

  • black,
  • red,
  • lime green,
  • blue.

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