Cork Bark Small Pieces MIX, 500g

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Cork Bark Small Pieces MIX, 500g

Natural decoration for terrariums. Especially recommended for terrariums inhabited by animals from the Amazon Forest regions. By combining cork pieces, we can create a naturally looking climbing wall for tree frogs (blue tree frog, dwarf tree frog, golden tree frog, yellow-banded tree frog) and arboreal tarantulas (Psalmopoeus, Avicularia, Caribena, Tapinauchenius, Neoholothele). Conversely, when laid loosely on the terrarium substrate, they provide shelter for ground-dwelling tarantulas (Brachypelma, Tlitocatl, Lasiodora, Nhandu, Acanthoscurria, Grammostola), centipedes (giant centipede, Eucampesmella) and decorative cockroaches (green cockroach, large-winged cockroach). The bark pieces handle high humidity well, typical of tropical terrariums, without molding under its influence. The product is available in various sizes, tailored to the size of the terrarium and the needs of the animals housed within.

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