Terrarium Cave Hideout R179

Catalogue index: S-R179SH / Art. No.: R179

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    • R179 terra hideaway wet cave XL
  • Art.No.:
    • R179
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    • 5907708699855
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Terrarium Cave Hideout R179

A large hideout imitating a cave for terrariums. Perfectly suited as a moist hideout due to its enclosed structure, which allows the insert (e.g., sphagnum moss or coconut peat) to maintain its moisture longer and prevents mixing with other substrates. The cave consists of two parts and is opened from the top, facilitating animal control and handling. The hideout aims to reduce stress associated with acclimating a new animal and will be an excellent place for laying eggs and supporting during molting. Dedicated to larger scorpions (emperor scorpion, Hadogenes, Heterometrus), terrestrial tarantulas (Acanthoscurria, Brachypelma, Lasiodora, Nhandu, Pterinochilus, Tlitocatl), lizards (leopard gecko, dwarf agama, Thomasi's whip tail), young snakes (corn snake, lancehead, emperor boa, royal python) and small adult snakes (mahogany snake, western hognose, rosy boa) and amphibians (Far Eastern toad, horned frog, Dendrobates spp.). Fits perfectly into any terrarium decor, regardless of biotope. Placed in a desert terrarium, it perfectly imitates a natural rock crevice. In more humid biotopes (paludariums, tropical terrariums), the hideout can be given a unique look by covering it with moss and lichens.

Material: Polyester Resin
Weight: 1.82 kg
Dimensions: 29x24.5x13 cm

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