Ceramic bowls on a metal stand 12cm Pink

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Ceramic bowls on a metal stand 15cm white

Choosing the right bowl for your dog or cat is very important! A poorly chosen product (such as one that slides on the floor or makes unpleasant sounds) can discourage the animal from eating. Ceramic bowls are a good alternative to lightweight and fast-deteriorating plastic. Why?

Ceramic bowls are safe for pets and will not scratch. They do not change the taste or smell of food and water. They are suitable for both dry and wet food. Water can be poured into them. Their great advantage is that they are easy to clean and the bowls can be put in the dishwasher. This is important because your dog's bowls should be washed after every meal. The product is stable and durable. It does not move while eating a meal.

The bowls are available in white or pink. Their simple design blends well with any interior. Watching a dog eat a meal can therefore be pleasing not only heartwarming, but also eye-pleasing!

Advantages of ceramic bowls on a metal stand:

  • stability
  • durability
  • ease of cleaning
  • dishwasher safe
  • aesthetic appearance

Dimensions of ceramic bowls on a metal stand:

  • diameter 12 cm or 15 cm
  • height 6.2 cm or 7.6 cm
  • capacity 320 ml or 810 ml
The bowl should be selected according to the age and size of the animal. A bowl that is too high will not be comfortable for your dog or cat! Same goes for bowls that are mounted too low. Bowls with a capacity of 810 ml will be a good option for medium-sized dogs like cocker spaniel or beagle. 320 ml bowls will work well for smaller dogs and cats.


Bowl diameter: 12 cm
Capacity: 0,32l
Color: pink
Material: ceramic

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