TRAINERS Gluten-free yoghurt drops for dogs 200g

Catalogue index: Z-TR31CM / Art. No.: TR31

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    • TRAINERS Gluten-free yoghurt drops for dogs 200g
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    • TR31
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    • 5907708645128
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Gluten-free yoghurt drops for dogs

Dog treats are very important during training and bonding. Reward your dog during walks, playtime, or while learning new tricks. This is how you make learning easier for the dog and make your time together more enjoyable. Gluten-free yoghurt drops are also a great snack when lazing around with your dog on the couch.

Their gluten-free formula makes them suitable for dogs with gluten intolerance and delicate digestive tract.
By choosing gluten-free yoghurt drops for dogs, you are choosing a tasty and compelling reward that provides your dog with plant ingredients as well as meat and dairy. Yoghurt drops are easy to digest and easy to give. You can easily reward your dog in any situation and give it energy for training or playing.
Gluten-free yoghurt drops are complementary food. Dog treats should not exceed 10% of daily calorie intake. Make also sure your dog has access to fresh water at all times.

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