Catnip - Adhesive Licking Ball

Catalogue index: Z-KM11QL / Art. No.: KM11

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  • English name:
    • Catnip licking ball
  • Art.No.:
    • KM11
  • EAN code:
    • 5907708698582
  • Quantity in a box:
    • 500


Catnip - Adhesive Licking Ball

A licking ball with catnip is a perfect gift for a cat!

  • It is self-adhesive.
  • Supports cats' well-being. Relieves stress and reduces boredom.
  • Rotates and stimulates cat's curiosity. Mental stimulation of the cat is an important element of caring for its well-being.
  • Made from cat-safe materials.
  • Contains attractive catnip that arouses interest and positive emotions in the pet.
  • Supports oral hygiene.
  • Has a cute cat head shape and nice color.
  • Does not take up much space. It can be used in a hotel room to support the cat's well-being on a trip or in any room at home.

This interactive toy is suitable for cats:

  • shy,
  • older,
  • stressed,
  • bored at home.

With the licking ball with catnip, you can accustom the cat to new furniture or a carrier, and also encourage it to use some space. It can therefore be a help in training the cat or a reward.

This is an excellent way to diversify the cat's environment and take care of its comfort. This product will occupy your pet for a really long time!

Note! Some cats may be indifferent to catnip. In others, it is better not to use it too often, so the cat remains sensitive to the scent of catnip.

Toy dimensions: 6x5.5x4 cm
Weight: 0.040 kg

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