Matatabi & Catnip Sticks with Jute

Catalogue index: Z-KM09QL / Art. No.: KM09

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  • English name:
    • Matatabi & catnip sticks with jute
  • Art.No.:
    • KM09
  • EAN code:
    • 5907708698568
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    • 360


Matatabi & Catnip Sticks with Jute

Does your cat like to chew toys? If so, matatabi sticks are just for him! These sticks:

  • Are made from natural materials - matatabi, catnip, and jute.
  • Help maintain oral hygiene and clean the cat's teeth.
  • Guarantee the cat's interest and unique fun, thanks to the combination of matatabi and catnip.
  • Enrich the environment of the pet.
  • Keep cats occupied for a long time.
  • Are durable and safe for animals.
  • Encourage the cat to be active and contribute to maintaining good physical and mental condition.
  • Help alleviate anxiety and boredom in house cats, which in some cats lead to destructive behaviors.

For which cats are matatabi sticks suitable? Essentially for all! Olfactory enrichment of the cat's environment is a good strategy that positively affects the well-being of domestic cats. The combination of catnip with matatabi works perfectly for this purpose. Your cat will be very relaxed and in a very positive mood. By offering your cat suitable toys, you can avoid behavioral problems and unwanted behaviors of your pet. You also take care of his physical condition.

Matatabi and catnip sticks guarantee the satisfaction of the cat and its guardian!

Length of toy: 28 cm
Weight: 0.038 kg

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