Matatabi & Catnip Rod with Raffia

Catalogue index: Z-KM07QL / Art. No.: KM07

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  • English name:
    • Matatabi & catnip rod with rafia
  • Art.No.:
    • KM07
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    • 5907708698544
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Matatabi & Catnip Rod with Raffia

What do cats love the most? Hunting! Thus, a rod is the perfect gift for your feline friend. What else do cats like? Matatabi and aromatic catnip! You can combine these things and choose a natural rod with raffia from matatabi and catnip for your cat. Your pet will be delighted!

This toy:

  • Encourages the cat to fulfill its hunting instinct.
  • Supports the cat's physical activity and the maintenance of a proper figure.
  • Diversifies the cat's environment and reduces boredom and stress.

Choosing a toy with matatabi and catnip is good for:

  • Shy cats that need encouragement to be active and explore new territories.
  • Older cats that we want to activate to support their health and good condition.
  • Cats with overweight, who need more movement,
  • Cats that are stressed or feel bored within four walls.

In summary, such a toy is a good choice for every cat!

Play with your cat with the rod several times a day. Cats like to play often but briefly. The play mimics hunting, which lasts a few minutes. Remember that in the end, your pet should catch the raffia and receive a treat, which will substitute the natural prey. This way, your cat will be truly satisfied and fulfill its natural needs.

Toy Length: 48 cm
Weight: 0.050 kg

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