Matatabi & Catnip Feather Rod

Catalogue index: Z-KM08QL / Art. No.: KM08

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  • English name:
    • Matatabi & catnip rod with feather
  • Art.No.:
    • KM08
  • EAN code:
    • 5907708698551
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    • 240


Matatabi & Catnip Feather Rod

Every cat has a hunting instinct that should be fulfilled during playtime with their guardian. Don't let your cat get bored within four walls! A good idea would be to purchase a rod made of matatabi and catnip with a feather. Why should you choose this product?

  • It is made of natural materials,
  • It is safe for the cat,
  • It encourages pets to be active,
  • It puts cats in a good mood,
  • It reduces feelings of boredom and stress,
  • It diversifies the cat's environment.

The combination of matatabi and catnip means that the toy is irresistible to any cat! Both plants stimulate cats and encourage them to have fun. For many animals, this is a better choice than, for example, a toy made solely of catnip, to which some cats are simply less sensitive.

Playing with the rod can occur several times a day. It's just a few minutes each time. Chasing the rod mimics hunting, and in nature, cats hunt several or even dozens of times a day.

Remember that such play should end with the "catching of prey" and eating a treat! This way, your cat will be satisfied, relaxed, and in good physical condition.

Length of toy: 60 cm
Weight: 0.044 kg

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