Coconut fibers 5L

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Coconut fibers 5L

Long coconut fibers, a product with a wide range of applications.

They can be used in pots for growing plants, in terrariums as hiding spots and decorations for its inhabitants, and in cages as nest-building material for birds and rodents.

Coconut fiber has excellent air and water properties for your plants. Its structure allows the root ball to develop healthily. It is also used as a soil enhancer. An essential substrate base for all orchid enthusiasts who prefer to compose their own soil. It can also be used as a form of drainage at the bottom of a pot.

In terrariums, it works well as a substrate mix, plant protection, hiding spot, or simply as a decoration, replicating the natural conditions of the tank. Suitable for both steppe and tropical terrariums.

An excellent nesting material, stimulating the behavior of your birds and rodents, who will eagerly use the long coconut fibers as nest lining.

Coconut fibers absorb unpleasant odors, do not mold, and do not rot, helping maintain hygiene and health for animals.

Available in 5-liter bags.

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