Coconut substrate 2000g

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Coconut substrate in the ankle, 2000g

Natural substrate made of coconut fiber, perfect for your terrarium as well as potted plants.

It allows for maintaining hygienic conditions for a long time. Due to its slightly acidic pH, it blocks mold growth and remains safe for terrarium inhabitants. The substrate is free from impurities, made of ground coconut fiber, and dusted during production.

The versatility of the substrate allows it to be used not only in tropical terrariums but also in steppe ones, replicating natural conditions.

Ideal for terrariums with reptiles, amphibians, insects, and arachnids, as well as tropical plants. It easily absorbs unpleasant odors, extending the time between necessary cage cleanings.

Perfect as a main base or a soil mix in a pot and outside of it. The substrate provides appropriate soil structure, increasing its air permeability and moisture, ensuring the healthy development of the root ball.

Before use, the substrate is soaked in water to increase its volume. This allows it to take up minimal storage space, expanding its area up to 36L in use!

Preparation method: Soak the block in about 16L of warm water and set aside for 30 minutes to saturate. Depending on the preferred humidity, squeeze out the excess water.


pH ~ 6.0
Weight: 2000 g
Volume after soaking: 36 L

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